VOIP - Local, National, & International Calling Rates
   VoiP Communications uses the highest quality and most efficient network schema in order to be able to offer it's customers extremely competitive rates for National, and International calls, as well as great rates for calls to mobile phones.

In addition to great rates like 1.5p for local and national calls, and 7p for fixed to mobile calls, VoiP Communications will pay for all your calls while you test our network. With the First 10 Days Free Trial, we cover the cost of all your calls during your first 10 days on our service. And, if you aren't completely satisfied with the quality and savings, we will help switch you back to another carrier.

We know that you need more from your phone company than a great price. Our customer service staff has years of experience dealing with small to midsize businesses and their telecommunications needs. If there is ever a fault, or a question, we are here to help. We promise to provide fast and courteous service, and to value your time. Our goal is to make reliable, high quality phone service seem to come automatically, with no effort on your part.
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